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Under The Bridge Episode 1- Facebook OpenGraph

authored by Barry Trollhouse


Since taping this video, the American Customer Satisfaction Index released its latest findings.  Despite receiving extremely low marks (64% positive compared to 73% for YouTube, 77% for Wikipedia, and 80% for Google), Facebook users have not indicated any willingness to defect.  In fact, just the opposite – Facebook will celebrate 500 million users worldwide this week.  Founder Mark Zuckerberg gave a rare TV interview to Diane Sawyer yesterday in an attempt to repair some of the PR damage caused by the recent privacy issues, and in anticipation of the movie The Social Network, scheduled to release October 1.

That’s the latest from “Under The Bridge”.



Submitted by John Earle on

I like it.
Just the right touch.
Love the lechery (barbie, Ken?)
Good info.
Love the opening and the end music.

Ahhh, if only his mouth moved.