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Crowdsourcing: curse or blessing?

authored by Amy Paxson

When I worked at Hill Holliday, about a hundred years ago, I reviewed the portfolio of a copywriter who was applying for a job there.  It was all spec work, back in the day when creative people comped up work by hand and put it in an actual portfolio case that they carried around to all the agencies in town.  It may have been the best creative I’ve ever seen.  I turned to the Creative Director, who was showing me the portfolio, and said, “His stuff is amazing.  Where is he working now?”  The answer?  “He’s making sandwiches at the deli across the street.”  The guy had never worked at an agency before and we hired him on the spot.

Why am I telling this story?  The point is that great creative ideas can be found everywhere, in great creative minds – not just the minds who happen to reside in creative departments at big agencies.  The digital age has enabled agencies and clients to tap into these great creative ideas without regard for geographic boundaries, something we leverage in a virtual agency like VOX.  Another way to solicit great creative ideas – along with plenty of not-so-great creative ideas – is through crowdsourcing.