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Social Media

Klout and Why Marketers Should Care

authored by Sharon Sprague

Klout, the site that measures people’s online influence on a scale of 1 to 100, has recently revamped how it calculates Klout scores along with some new features and site redesign. Klout states on their website that these new changes “will help you understand, shape and earn recognition for being you.” Love it or hate it, it looks like its gaining momentum. The company has generated more than 100 million Klout scores and hopes to build more clout through these new changes.

Why Community Banks Need to Embrace Social Media Now More Than Ever

authored by Sharon Sprague

Being in the advertising and marketing industry, I have the good fortune of being surrounded by early adopters, media mavens and new media experts. As a result, I find myself operating in my own little utopian marketing bubble. So when I hear clients say they don’t see the value of adopting a social media strategy, I realize these words are being said more often than not. Especially when it comes to financial institutions, in particular, small community banks. Community banks are going to be more averse to social media largely as a result of regulatory concerns, reputational risks, and the perception that it takes a lot of time and energy for something that has yet to prove a significant ROI.

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